The Writing Portfolio of

Phill Di Censo

From the time I entered college I began to grow as a writer, both in content and form. This piece goes in depth on my evolution through my time in the minor in writing.

America is a mixed bag of people and cultures. This piece explores this idea through the foods we eat everyday.

More of a research paper, this piece is a case study on the dating app young people all over the world are logging into everyday.

Whether it's for an extra credit assignment or filling some free time, I enjoy turning my writing into music, which you can experience here.

My final piece needs little introduction. It was a summer of almost-love and self exploration. It all comes together in my capstone project about my journey on the dating application Tinder.

For an assignment to create a new social media site, this is a detailed report on the design of my dating site idea.

I had never tried blogging before my Writing 200 class. On this site I update my readers with my progress on my internship with the Ann Arbor Learning Community.